Student Training Videos

Max S. Class of 2027

Chris Sailer Kicking Camp 2018

Max S. Class of 2027

Sam's 60 minute Kicking Session with Coach Villi.  

Sam C. Class of 2021

Seattle Prep High School

18 years old

Sam C, Class of 2025

      Ethan K. Kicking Session        Class of 2024

Ethan's 30 minute Kicking Session with Coach Villi.  

Sekye B. Class of 2022

Ballard High School

JP H. Kicking Film Review Class of 2024

Joey N. Kicking Film Review Class of 2022

Joey N. Class of 2022

18 years old

Colin W. Class of 2023

Trent's First 60 minute Kicking Session with Coach Villi.  

13 years old

Ben's 60 minute Punting Session with Coach Villi.  

10 years old

Ben H. Class of 2029


Training with Josh has given me a phenomenal base to be a kicker. Josh taught me kicking drills and essential fundamentals that have allowed me to go further with my kicking than I thought possible. While I am still very new at kicking, I maintain a weekly practice routine, and now have been able to teach some of teammates the skills Josh taught me. I look forward to sending many more days learning from Josh.


14 years old Student Kicker Class of 2024

It was so nice to meet you and Josh as well!  Thanks so much for sharing his training video—it is great!


Trent really enjoyed himself.  I feel so lucky to have stumbled across Josh’s website.  On the way home I asked Trent if he had fun and it was a definite “yes!”  I asked him the best part and he said “having such a great coach!”  That is so awesome.


I hope you have a great weekend.  We will definitely be back.


Thanks, again.


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